Independent U.S. Coast Guard Documentation Service

There are several Documentation companies on the net. How do I choose?
-We are not a “do it yourself” website with complicated forms to fill out or confusing questions to answer. You hire us as professionals so you don’t have to be your own documentation expert. We are totally independent of any dealer, broker or financial institution, only then can your best interest be served.

What is Documentation?
-It is a national form of vessel titling. This is one of the oldest functions of the U.S. Government dating back to the 11th act of Congress.


What are the advantages of Documentation?
-First, it is a higher form of ownership than state titling. Seventeen states don’t even title boats, only issue a registration. 
-Documentation serves as a “passport” for the boat to travel into International waters. 
-The Coast Guard system provides a greater assurance of title over state titling because of the USCG rigid standards in chain-of-title and paperwork procedures.
-Check with your state tax assessor, there may be some tax advantages as well.

Why does my financial institution require Coast Guard Documentation as a condition of my loan?
-The bank or credit union is interested in recording a First Preferred Ships Mortgage to perfect their lien. 

How do I find out if there is an outstanding loan or lien on the boat I’m buying?
-Have us order an abstract of title to show ownership and lien status. 

I want to start a fishing charter business or other commercial use
-Your vessel must be Coast Guard documented with the proper endorsement to be legal

How long does the documentation process take?
-Processing times vary, but commercial applications are generally completed in a week or so. Recreational applications are currently running 16 weeks. In the meantime we provide paperwork to show your ownership and documentation in process.

What do I get when this process is complete?

-The managing owner will receive a Certificate of Documentation to keep onboard showing ownership and privileges granted the vessel. The Certificate is renewed annually.



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